Sweetspot Pricing – All the resources in one place

Here are all the resources for the Sweetspot Pricing Resource Pack all in one place

Sweetspot Pricing Book

Sweetspot Pricing for Nooks

Sweetspot Pricing .Mobi file for kindles (just download the file to your computer, plug your kindle into the computer and move the file across.) Help from Amazon on how to do this

Sweetspot Pricing .PDF file for reading on your computer, tablet or phone

Resources for finding your sweetspot price

Use these resources to calculate your three levels of target income, and work from these to find the price that will help you to achieve this.

Sweetspot Pricing – Target Income Calculator

Sweetspot Pricing – Tax and Net Profit look up sheet – calculate how much net profit you’ll need to create in your business to get to your target income by the time the taxman has nibbled his share (UK only)

Sweetspot Pricing – Overheads Calculator – work out the fixed costs in your business

Sweetspot Pricing – Sales Planner – calculate how much you’ll need to sell (use the second sheet if you have to pay money for materials or freelancers for each thing you sell)

Sweetspot Pricing – Billable Days Calculator – use this instead of the sales planner if you just sell your time by the day

Sweetspot Pricing – Profit and Loss – bring it all together in the right order with your profit and loss calculator

Sweetspot Pricing – Pricing Calculator – set the price you need to sell at to pay yourself your target income

Other resources to help you sell at your sweetspot price

You’ll also find these useful:

Sweetspot Pricing – emotional drivers checklist – What you can include in your marketing to encourage people to buy from you

Some ideas for your success income – inspirational ideas from my list and some I’ve taken from clients