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Sell your knowledge rather than your time. Grow and scale your products business using these meticulously researched, rigorously tested step-by-step systems.

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Pivot to Products

Price: £199 inc VAT
The Pivot to Products course contains everything I wish I'd known when I first started making products back in 2014. You’ll understand how to get started and come out of the course with a clear plan of action to build (and sell) your ecosystem of products. Highly recommended when you’re thinking about your first product.
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Product Lift-Off!

Price: £120 per month + VAT
Product Lift-Off! is for business owners who already have products and are ambitious to sell at scale. We have the tools, techniques and tactics you need to reach the next stage. And at the same time, you’ll be surrounded by supportive friends who will hold you accountable for getting into action.
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Productise Your Expertise

Price: £1880 inc VAT
For when you are proud of what you do for your clients and want to work with more people, make a bigger impact, and increase profits. Productise Your Expertise is a step-by-step six-month programme supporting you to develop a beautiful ecosystem of products that all work together. And get them in front of clients who want to buy them.
Productise Your Expertise

Productising courses with Julia Chanteray

IMHO, after 20+ years of working with thousands of companies, the fastest way to scale and grow a company for people who have unique skills in their area is to productise your expertise. That’s why I’ve created these productising courses and tools, to pass those ideas and techniques on.

When you create an ecosystem of products, you can work with many more clients simultaneously, massively increasing your impact and making your business more financially secure.

Creating products becomes an adventure when you join Pivot to Products and Productise Your Expertise.

Nick Parker - Voicebox

Nick Parker has had huge success with his Voicebox product. Here’s what he said about how I helped him change from billable days to a product-based business.

“She had a good understanding of the process needed to make and ship a thing.

First of all, you’re the r&d department, and then you’re the creative department, then you’re the marketing department. Having somebody who understands when you’re wearing which hat at which time, that’s just really valuable.”

Tim Healey - Shoot 4 the Moon

Tim Healey took part in the second group of people joining Productise Your Expertise, my six-month productising course.

“The ripple effect has been massive, and it has benefited me massively right across the board. And, yup, my fees have gone up.

Julia is extremely approachable and friendly and also has a very dry sense of humour.

I think she’s got a good balance of knowledge, helpful information, personal reflection and a dash of humour”