Pivot to Products

When you’re thinking about changing from a service-based business to a product-based business, you need a road map to get you on your way. The Pivot to Products course is your roadmap.


I know what it feels like when you’re running a service-based business.

You’re always at the beck and call of clients, and you’re always looking out for the next potential client.

And when you’ve been doing this for a while, you start to get booked up. You’re permanently busy with client projects. This sounds good in theory. Everyone always asks you if you’re “busy”, but it can be a massive pain to always be “busy”. You end up with no time. There’s no time to keep up with new ideas in your field, learn new skills, or even get on top of the admin. Let alone take a week off once in a while.

And then you realise that this is it. You’re running at capacity and to keep earning the same amount of money, you always have to stay just as busy. And there’s always this little niggle in your head that you can never say no to a client project because we all have this deep down fear that there might not be another one coming in. After all, we all have bills to pay.

The trouble is, no matter how hard you work, there’s always a ceiling on what you can earn. Because there are only 24 hours in every day.

That’s why more and more of us are finding ways to move away from the trap of billable hours

And to create a more dependable method of paying those bills. That’s why more and more of us are building product-based businesses.

But when you’re busy like this, you don’t have the time to research finding that different way of working. To work out the best product format, or how to put together a productised service offering. Making changes is difficult if you don’t have a roadmap to show the way.

You’ve probably already started doing some of that research. It can begin to feel like the world of products is an alien landscape. All this talk of lead magnets, list building and launches. And, I have to be honest, some of the advice online can come across as spammy and unethical. Or just too good to be true – are we supposed to believe in those mythical “six-figure launches”? If it were that easy, we’d all be living happily ever after.

That’s why I’ve put together Pivot to Products. I’ve gone through this many times with clients, and I’ve applied these methods to my own business.

How Pivot to Products cuts through all the crap to get you on the road

In Pivot to Products, I’ve distilled everything I know about building a successful product-based business into an easy to follow, crystal clear path.

Pivot to Products gives you a plain sailing roadmap for developing recurring revenue products based on the knowledge you already use with clients every day.

How Pivot to Products Works

Pivot to Products takes you through everything you need to get started making products.

It gives you a clear path to identifying which products to make, and how to build your audience so you have people ready to buy those products.

Your mindset shift

Deep analysis

We'll analyse how other people have productised what they do to identify what works – and what to avoid.

Maximise ROI and ROE

Identifying what kinds of products are likely to give the highest Return on Investment and Return on Effort for you

Keep it fast and simple

Spotting easy wins and quick starts to get you going, including modular development, just-in-time product creation and pre-selling products

Best product formats

Whether the productised service route is better for you, or if you should focus on stand-alone products. Or a mix of the two. And which product formats will people pay for. You'll be clear what will work for your company and your clients.

Track Two

Track Two is all about getting into planning your product development journey so the process is smooth and easy when you get going.

pivot to products roadmap

Pivot to Products gives you a fast route to success, steering you away from the potential pitfalls and danger zones. Much of this is based on missteps I’ve made in the past, or seen clients make along the way. The best advice is often based on avoiding the mistakes of others.

Planning your product adventures roadmap

How to find the time

Redefining your priorities, using sprints, reclaiming time for more productive deep work

Nurture your audience

Using this approach, you have a queue of interested people who want to buy when you launch your first product. And you can talk to them and find out what they need – invaluable research.

Multiple products

It sounds crazy, but you can build your first product in a way that makes it easy to make the second and third in record time. Pivot to Products helps you plan for fast, modular development.

You’ll be inspired by other people’s successful adventures in creating product-based businesses.

And you’ll be excited by some of the ideas for products and product formats. I guarantee that you will have never have thought of some of these. It’s taken me years to collect them all together. And when I’ve put these ideas in front of people, it’s made many people change their minds about the kind of product they want to make and switch to one that they can sell at a more premium price.

Pivot to Products gives you practical tools and advice to implement right away. And it ensures that your journey is an exciting adventure ending in the happy land of satisfied customers.


You have options now you’ve got this far

If you’ve read this far, you’re intrigued and interested in pivoting at least part of your business to products. You now have options for your next steps – it’s up to you.

You can…

Continue as you are, running your services business. Nothing wrong with that at all – I did that for years. Except… I think you might be up for a different way of doing things.

Try to find your own way through this. That’s fine too, but maybe it’s worth giving Pivot to Products a try and seeing if there’s something here that will help you to get to launch day just a little bit faster. Check out the (very fair) money-back guarantee btw.

Get started with Pivot to Products today and get into the galaxy of possibilities and opportunities ahead of you


Nick Parker, Voicebox

Nick talks about what he learned in his pivot to products. In this clip he mentions how he used just one of the techniques we cover in Pivot to Products – making a beta or minimum viable product version of your product to get it out there fast and then improve.

What you get and how it all works

Pivot to Products is a self-paced video learning resource. You can work through it as a course, or you can pick the parts you need the most at any one time.

You choose from just the course or get the course and two hours with me to go through your roadmap with you.

What's included in the Pivot to Products course?

Where's the money?

Understanding how products fit into your revenue model

Rapid development techniques

Guides to getting going fast

Inspiring stories

How to creatively swipe, re-engineering from other successful product builders

Audience building

Put together a list of interested potential customers while you make your first products

Best products for you

The business case behind the different product formats and permutations

Finding the time

I get it – you’re busy. How to fit pivoting to products into your busy schedule

Product idea generation

Get your inspired ideas out on paper and plan your road map

Make clear decisions

A simple methodology to decide which product ideas to focus on first. And which ones to ditch

Product ecosystem

Planning your unique and beautiful product ecosystem to maximise revenue

What Jon and Roy say

Jon Walton and Roy Barker from Spike Insight have already been through their own pivot to products.

They say:

“What Julia helped us to do was focus back down on the stuff that would matter to the client, the stuff that we could deliver, and build the ecosystem.” Roy Barker

“She’s an entrepreneur that has done lots of different things with lots of different people and you get a condensed version of that process. In a very simple easy way to understand from someone that is nice to do business with” Jon Walton


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If you’re not 100% sure

Or other online courses have left you cold…

I’m on a mission to open up the opportunities of building product-based businesses to as many experts and founders as possible.

So if you buy Pivot to Products and you don’t find it full of valuable and actionable advice, email me, and I’ll refund your money straight away. No problem.

Hannah's quick wins

Hannah Martin from Talented Ladies Club reflects on her pivot to products and the results she saw.

I knew that that would take a while, but I started to see differences straightaway with some small quick wins.

The difference it made not just to the turnover and the consistency of turnover but the profit margin as well…and just the strength of the business.”