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Why talk about productising

This little video explains why I love to talk about productising and just why I’m so enthusiastic about getting people to productise what they do.

Looking for a good place to start on your productising adventures?

How I help

I’ve been a business coach for more than 20 years now. And I’ve noticed that out of the hundreds of founders and business owners I’ve helped develop their businesses, the ones who grew the fastest were the ones who productised.

And the more I got into this as a growth strategy for small businesses and applied it to my own business (with lots of experiments along the way), the more I realised that building a product-based business is the perfect antidote to the trading time for money trap that so many small business owners are caught in.

And the more I learned about how to productise what you do. Adventures in Products is the embodiment of what I’ve been learning, experimenting with and developing over all these years. All packaged up for you.

The video explains why I love to talk about productising.

Who Adventures in Products is for?

Owners and founders who have unique set of skills, experience and capabilities you've built up over time

Feel ready to ditch the obsolete consultancy "time for money" business model and move to a new way of working

Want to work with more clients and be able to make more of an impact in the world

Want ideas, inspiration and some support from other people who are also pivoting to products in their business

Productise Your Expertise

Productise Your Expertise is a complete six-month programme fully engineered to get your first products out in the world. We work on rapid product development techniques to get your magic, your secret sauce, into your products. And at the same time, we build your audience so people will buy your products.

It’s the map and the instructions to get you into action. I come with you as your guide because I’ve been down this road many times, and a group of fellow travellers will keep you company.

Productise Your Expertise

Check out the lift-off dates, flight plan and full details here

Productise Your Expertise