All about Adventures in Products and Julia Chanteray

Adventures in Products is all about helping founders like you switch from the trap of trading time for money to scaling your business through productising the skills and expertise you already use with clients.

I’m focussing on this as my favourite business growth strategy because I’ve seen how well it works with hundreds of clients and through testing it with my own company.

I’m Julia Chanteray and I’ve been one of the UK’s leading business coaches for the past 20+ years, working with hundreds of companies.

The Adventures in Products mission

Here at Adventures in Products, I want to take everything I’ve learned about growing your product-based business and share it with you.

I’ve spent years researching and developing my thinking on the best ways to scale by developing products. And I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with many clients as they go through the ups and downs of their journey of building products based businesses. The obstacles that come up time and time again are the same,and I’ve worked out how ways to get around them.

And of course, I’ve tested my approach on my own company. Over the years, I’ve changed my own business model from bespoke consultancy to one to one coaching as a productised service to running programmes and then developing my own ecosystem of products. It’s still evolving, and I’m still testing new ideas.

I’m inviting you to join me and a bunch of other clever, committed, wise business owners who want to escape the traps which seek to ensnare us and to move forward in creating the businesses which will free us.