Privacy Policy

The information which you may provide on this website, along with other information relating to you, will be held by The Joy of Business and used for general business purposes.

If you provide your contact details we may get in touch to inform you of future services organised by or in conjunction with The Joy of Business which we think you might be interested in. If you sign up to our regular emails, you will always be able to unsubscribe automatically.

Your email address or other contact details will not be passed to third parties, except as detailed below. By sending information to The Joy of Business Ltd, you consent to all of these uses.

Please note the following, if you’re super interested in privacy issues:

  • The server for The Joy of Business is located in the US, which means your data may be stored outside of the EU
  • Transactions at the Joy of Business are handled by Stripe, a well-known payment gateway. Stripe take your credit card details if you buy something from the site and we do not hold your credit card details directly.
  • We use some third-party services for marketing at the Joy of Business, so there are cookies on the site and data may be sent to Drip, Google and Facebook as these are useful parts of our marketing.
  • We use Drip for sending out our emails, so if you sign up to emails at the Joy of Business, we will be able to see your email address from our secure Drip account. No one else will get your email address from us.
  • We do not pass your email address onto any other companies, so you won’t get any spam from us or from anyone else by giving us your email address