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Product Lift-Off!

Product Lift-Off! is a friendly, facilitated group of talented business owners with products to sell. Joining together to focus on building our audiences and selling a lot more of our beautiful and useful products.
Product Lift-Off!

Productise Your Expertise

For when you are proud of what you do for your clients and want to work with more people, make a bigger impact, and increase profits. Productise Your Expertise is a step-by-step six-month programme supporting you to develop a beautiful ecosystem of products that all work together. And get them in front of clients who want to buy them.
Productise Your Expertise

Pivot to Products

The Pivot to Products course contains everything I wish I'd known when I first started making products back in 2014. You’ll understand how to get started and come out of the course with a clear plan of action to build (and sell) your ecosystem of products. Highly recommended when you’re thinking about your first product.
Pivot to Products

Upcoming Workshops

Roughly once a month, I run an hour-long, free to attend, workshop on a different aspect of productising your expertise. All the workshops are participative, come with your questions, ideas and join in.
Productising Workshops

Article: What is productising?

What is productising? And why would you want to do it?
What is productising?

Article: The simple truth behind productised services

I’ve been doing productised services since about 2003. In those days, I didn’t know anything about productised consulting services. I just thought it would make life easier for prospective clients (and me) if I simplified what I offered and packaged it up so people could understand it quickly and decide if they wanted to buy it. Turns out that this was a productised service.
Productised Services