Productising Workshops

Roughly once a month, I run an hour-long, free to attend, workshop on a different aspect of productising your expertise. All the workshops are participative, come with your questions, ideas and join in.

Join us for productising workshops soon

Get rid of feast or famine

Every business owner I know (which is a lot of business owners) knows the danger of feast or famine. You know, when you're either too busy, with too many clients, or there's nothing and you get seriously worried about where the next money is coming from.

I'm on a mission to put an end to this. Whether you want to go full products, have a mix or just make sure that your services business has a balanced cash flow, we want to make sure that you don't get troubled by a feast or famine ever again. It's annoying.

On Thursday, 20th June, I’ll be running an hour-long workshop (free), which looks at how you can quite quickly build products and recurring income productised services which protect your cash flow. And give you some financial security. No more feast or famine for you.

If you’ve ever worried about cashflow, paying the bills, or whether you’ll have enough work coming in next month (which is all of us at one time or another), you should come along and see how this works.
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Go deep into productising right now

I’d love you to come to one of the hour-long productising workshops. They’re full of useful ideas, tips and thoughts on specific areas of building a product-based business.

But maybe you don’t want to wait for the workshop. Maybe you want to go deep into your journey of learning how to make (and sell) products right now. 

In which case, you should get going with the Pivot to Products course for immediate access or join us fo the next full six month programme Productise Your Expertise.

Pivot to Products

Price: £199 inc VAT
The Pivot to Products course gets you started on your journey of developing products, laying a deep foundation so you’re ready to build your full product ecosystem. You’ll understand how to get started and work out who your products (and productised services) are for and what problems you solve for your audience. Highly recommended when you’re thinking about your first product.
Pivot to Products

Productise Your Expertise

Price: £1880 inc VAT
For when you are proud of what you do for your clients and want to work with more people, make a bigger impact, and increase profits. Productise Your Expertise is a step-by-step six-month programme supporting you to develop a beautiful ecosystem of products that all work together. And get them in front of clients who want to buy them.
Productise Your Expertise