What is productising?

What is productising? And why would you want to do it?

The definition of productising is taking the services you do for clients and making them look and feel more like a product. You effectively take your skills and knowledge and put them into a package, a format that doesn’t require you to spend time with your client.

Productising creates more impact for your clients because they’re in charge of how they use your products.

And it creates more impact for you because you can sell your products to multiple clients at the same time.

This video explains what productising is and some of the reasons you’d want to do it.

Video transcript

When we talk about productising, what I want to get across to people is that it’s not physical products like a pen or something that you might buy at the supermarket. That’s what’s in our head around products.

When I talk about productising, particularly for productising your expertise, for the experts that I work with, what we’re looking at is taking the knowledge out of your head. And it might be knowledge of how to do something, a process. It might be knowledge of how to set something up so that it will automatically work for a client. It might be knowledge that you transfer in a more traditional training or education way. You want to tell people about the things that you’ve learned and pass that knowledge on.

what is productising?

Packaging that up in a form that does not require you to be with them in the moment. So all that it’s doing is putting your expertise and knowledge into a package, which might be a course or a book, there are more traditional ways of packaging knowledge, but might also be a set of checklists, or a dashboard, or a piece of software that does something for somebody. And some of the software could actually be quite simple. It’s putting it into a format that doesn’t require you to be spending time with that client.

And the magic of that, of course, is that once you’ve taken you out of the equation, you then can sell that to 10 people, 100 people, 1,000 people, and all that we’re left with is how do we get that in front of people, and tell them how great it is, and how it’ll solve their problems.

Productising Workshops

Every month, I run a free online workshop on some aspect of productising. Recently, we’ve covered the best kind of lead magnets, new formats for online courses and whether your business is ready for productising.

It’s a great way to learn more about what’s involved in building your own product ecosystem, and to work out if you want to join the full Productise Your Expertise programme, where we do regular online workshops over the six months.

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