Product success stories

One of the best ways to learn about productising is to learn from product successes stories.  And of course, to learn from the failures and mis-steps other people have made.

Here is a collection of new product success stories I’ve learnt from along the way, and some pointers to the key learning points.

Teeny tiny fun product - Lyndsey Segal

"I had the idea, I saw it really clearly in my mind, what I wanted it to be." - Lyndsey Segal
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Data driven products

Jon Walton and Roy Barker from Spike Insight have developed a whole ecosystem of different products. They’ve pivoted from a consultancy business where they did manual data analysis for their travel company clients to a fully productised company with most clients on a subscription model.
Spike Insight

Ramit Sethi re-engineered

Ramit Sethi has built a product ecosystem of more than 20 courses. He has a tribe of nearly half a million people who read his emails. And he’s worth more than $25m. I’ve spent a lot of time re-engineering his success and working out what we can creatively swipe from what he does well. Plus a couple of things I’d improve if I was Ramit.
Ramit Sethi re-engineered

Tim Healey's product ecosytem

Tim was part of the second group of people to go through the Productise Your Expertise programme. We filmed this video a few months after the programme finished, so he’d had a chance to build a product ecosystem of four products and was using them with his existing clients and as stand-alone products.
How Tim Healey built his product ecosystem

Nick Parker's secrets

Should you worry about giving your secrets away? In my invitation to join us in your adventures in products, I suggest that you package up all your know-how, expertise, your magic into your products. But does this involve giving your secrets away? And should you worry about this? Nick Parker tells the story of his success with his Voicebox product
Give your secrets away ?

Product success stories

What do The Talented Ladies Club, Brighton's Comic Boom and Nick Parker, one of the world's top copywriters, all have in common? As I explain in this video, they are all shining examples of how a successful product-based business works in the real world. In this video, I look at how they've turned their individual 'magic'– their unique skills and expertise – into a winning product-based success story. And what we can learn from Hannah, Jill and Nick, especially why customers are equally happy to buy into them
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Want some support in making your own product success story?

You’ll see a theme in all of the new product success stories featured here – making products is hard work and takes a long time.

And getting support from us doesn’t give you any “hacks” or make it any less hard work. What it does mean is that you do the right work, in the right way and make the right products.

I’d love to feature you as one of the success stories with your product ecosystem in a year’s time.

Productise Your Expertise

six month group programme

Productise Your Expertise is a step-by-step six-month programme supporting you to develop a beautiful ecosystem of products that all work together. And get them in front of clients who want to buy them.

Productise Your Expertise

Pivot to Products

value packed course

The Pivot to Products course contains everything I wish I’d known when I first started making products back in 2014. You’ll understand how to get started and come out of the course with a clear plan of action to build (and sell) your ecosystem of products. Highly recommended when you’re thinking about your first product.

Pivot to Products