How Tim Healey built his product ecosystem

Tim was part of the second group of people to go through the Productise Your Expertise programme. We filmed this video a few months after the programme finished, so he’d had a chance to build a product ecosystem of four products and was using them with his existing clients and as stand-alone products.

Tim's product ecosystem

Tim describes the four components of his product ecosystem and how they fit together. They’re all there to help his client get aligned, ready for a product launch.

Tim is a product launch specialist and you can see more about him at Shoot 4 The Moon

Video transcript

it's quite a beast. - Tim Healey on his Product Launch Manager

Building a product ecosystem – what I learnt from Tim

I loved catching up with Tim and how he’d been able to so quickly implement everything he’d learned from being part of Productise Your Expertise. These are the kinds of results that make me very happy.

What impressed me was that Tim had made such an impressive product ecosystem over the six months of the programme. He has four products which are all aimed at exactly the same group of clients. And people can buy the products separately or together.

I loved that Tim had made a spreadsheet-based product (the “beast” Launch Planner) so that clients who can’t afford his one-to-one help with their launch can still use his expertise which he’s encapsulated into the spreadsheet. I know that he picked up that idea from the programme, and I know that he got the right person to build the spreadsheet for him from the outsourcing module of Productise Your Expertise.

Update on Tim’s productising progress

Since I recorded the video with Tim, he’s gone from strength to strength. His product ecosystem has evolved and I can see that he’s continuing to use the modular product development techniques we talk about during the Productise Your Expertise six month programme.

Tim is now offering a fractional CMO productised service and is running exclusive events for marketing managers. And he tells me that he uses the “it’s a beast” spreadsheet with clients all the time.


Tim Healey video transcript

I find with my clients in my particular line of work that often people plan some kind of product launch, or they’re planning a marketing review and they know they need to do it, but they’re not aligned on lots of things. So, what I wanted to do was help them do that. And then also, using some of the things I learnt from Julia on a previous course, I wanted to help them map out their avatars, their customer personas, and I also wanted them to get their emotional language sorted. So, I think if you’ve got those three things clear, then you’re in a great place.

And then the final product I made as well, and I’ll come back to this in a second, but the final product I made is a spreadsheet that is a product launch manager, which has got … it’s quite a beast. I got someone to design it for me and you’ve got several tabs and it guides you through budgeting for your product launch, choosing your suppliers, collecting their quotes, and then your timeline to launch and how much time to approximately allow for each of the suppliers and their work. So that basically, if you’d not had to think about it before, or everything was on scraps of paper or different notes in your computer, now everything can be in one place.

So, just to recap, that was a … It’s called 3-2-1 Launch and it’s a, what the hell are we doing and why are we doing it? A kind of workbook. And then the other two I mentioned, and then that spreadsheet.

So, immediately I realized that rather than providing them with a one solution product, I could actually break it into different things, which maybe were different ways for people to dip their toe in the water as to whether they liked my give and what I was offering.