Ramit Sethi re-engineered

Ramit Sethi has built a product ecosystem of more than 20 courses. He has a tribe of nearly half a million people who read his emails. And he’s worth more than $25m.

I’ve spent a lot of time re-engineering his success and working out what we can creatively swipe from what he does well. Plus a couple of things I’d improve if I was Ramit.

Video transcript

The detailed look at how Ramit Sethi's empire works

In this video I go into detail about what Ramit does so well and how his product ecosystem fits together so he can make the most of his opportunities.

My goal is to make our free material better than everyone else’s paid stuff. - Ramit Sethi

The top ideas to creatively swipe from Ramit Sethi

We can’t emulate everything Ramit has done straightaway, and not all of it would work for all of us. But here are my top takeaways from spending all these hours looking at how he builds his business.

  • Put as much attention into your emails to people who have done you the honour of joining your list as you do attracting new people to your list. These folk are more likely to buy.
  • Make a virtue of being outspoken about your opinions in your field. Stand for something.
  • Make the most of product launches. It’s where you will make the most sales. Find a reason to do a launch and a series of relaunches, whether that’s a new version, a slightly different version, or building your product for cohorts like Productise Your Expertise.
  • Keep the products themselves simple, especially online courses and memberships.
  • Spend at least as much time on marketing as you do making the products.

You will find Ramit’s site at I Will Teach You to be Rich.com

I thoroughly recommend signing up to his emails to see how he does things for yourself.