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Experts and founders like you can break free from the drudgery of trading time for money by creating your product ecosystem
Productise what you do

What might your productised business look like?

What if instead of spending your time on each client project one by one, you could scale your business by making products that mean you can help dozens or hundreds of clients simultaneously?

What if that ended up being way more helpful for your clients than you doing the work for them?

And how would you feel when your accountant gives you your end of year accounts, and she says, “Wow, this year was a bit different, wasn’t it? Revenue up by 230%, costs down by 35%. Well done”?

I love it when even the accountants say “wow” and “well done”.

I get so excited when people like you join me for adventures in products, helping people move from the trap of trading time for money to working on creating an ecosystem of products and building a much stronger business.

Your adventure in products tour guide

What I’ve found over the years is that many business owners love the idea of productising when we talk about it. And very quickly there are all kinds of ideas about what kind of products might go in the product ecosystem.

But many people find the process of getting their knowledge into the right kind of product challenging. Especially the part about getting the first products finished off and out into the world.

And because marketing for a productised business requires a different approach, founders usually need some help in changing their marketing mindset and getting to grips with some new techniques.

You might need a guidebook to be sure that you’re making the right choices along the way. I’m building tools and guides based on real-life practical experience of developing product businesses.

If you’d relish going on a group adventure, the Productise Your Expertise programme brings you together with a group of like-minded business owners who are also ambitious to grow through developing products. Over the six months of the programme, everyone learns together and we support one another in the adventure of taking your first products to market.

Or you can dip your toe in the water at any time. The Pivot to Products course gets you in the adventure mindset and acts as your packing list so you can get going in the right direction.

Adventures in Products

I’m Julia Chanteray, the founder of Adventures in Products.

Adventures in Products focuses on my favourite business growth strategy, building a business based on creating a product ecosystem, which might include products such as online courses, programmes, guides. Or productising your services to make the process smooth, scalable and profitable.

I’ve taken 30 years of experience in business, including working with thousands of small companies like yours, wrapped it up in my programmes, courses, guides and tools. For you…when you’re ready to start your own adventures in products


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