Your Mission Guide to Building a YouTube Channel

Here’s your guide to building a YouTube channel, this Mission Guide is a collection of helpful hints I’ve learned along the way.

Do drop me an email with any extra learning from building your own channel – I’d love to learn from your experiences and add those tips to this Mission Guide as well.

Pivot to Products

The Pivot to Products course gets you started on your adventures in products.  Specifically designed for people with a services business who want the fast route to developing and selling products.

Pivot to Products gives you a plain sailing roadmap for developing recurring revenue products based on the knowledge you already use with clients every day.

It’s what I wish I’d had in 2014 when I started making products and the distillation of everything I’ve learned since.

Pivot to Products course

£199 inc VAT

Self paced course covering everything you need to get started making and selling products.

Pivot to Products

Pivot to Products Plus

£649 inc VAT

The full Pivot to Products course, plus two hours one-to-one with Julia Chanteray.

Pivot to Products Plus