Your Guide - What is a product-based business

Welcome to Adventures in Products. Here’s your PDF on what a product-based business is.

Here is a practical guide explaining what a product-based business is with some ideas to get you started with productising.

And on its own, it will be enough to get you started. But it doesn’t have all of the good stuff.
If you want the deep dive, the genuine jewels and every last nugget of gold on productised services, you’ll need to get yourself onto the Pivot to Products course or the Productise Your Expertise programme.

This PDF will give you your route. The courses and programmes will get you to where you want to go.

Your next step


Once you get into this, you might want some help to explore further in the world of productising. And to join me and a group of other founders on our adventures in products. You’d be very welcome.

Productise Your Expertise

£1880 inc VAT

Productise Your Expertise is a step-by-step six-month programme supporting you to develop a beautiful ecosystem of products that all work together. And get them in front of clients who want to buy them

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Pivot to Products

£199 inc VAT

The Pivot to Products course gets you started on your journey of developing and selling products, laying a deep foundation so you’re ready to build your full product ecosystem.

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