Stevie Holmes


Biggest impact?

Helping me realise the strongest, best-selling products within my business and diversify out of a single brand offering, splitting it up into two totally different brands with different target markets.  Between the two, I’m making far better sales than before by spreading my offering out to appeal to different people.  The new brand isn’t doing amazing (but it’s travel-themed – who’d have thought people would stop travelling?!) but a lot of the new products that have come out of the new brand are my top-selling pieces across all my marketplaces.

Since the work you’ve done with Julia, what would you say is the “can’t-live-without-it” improvement it’s made to your work/life?

Realising I hate managing people and taking the decision to make things smaller so I don’t need any staff!  True, holidays are tricky, but I can finally afford to just shut up shop if I want to rather than panic about paying the bills.

Imagine you were to talk to a friend about business coaching with Julia. What would you say about this that you’d be unlikely to say about any other business advice?

With Julia you get absolutely no bull-s*@t – she says what’s she thinks, you don’t have to agree with it, but it’s really clear and straight forward.