Welcome to Sweetspot Pricing Big Resource Pack

Thank you for buying the Sweetspot Pricing Big Resource Pack, and welcome.

I’ve used this way of setting the right prices with my own business, and with dozens of clients. It can have a profound effect on how you run your business, how you work with clients, and on your bank balance.

The next few pages have the full book, all the resources and some notes to guide you through the process.

Julia Chanteray


What to do now

The best way to do this is to read the book and then use the resources to help you to work out the right price for you as you go along. The book refers to each resource to tell you when to use it.

But I know that not everyone likes to read a business book, even if you’re allowed to skip through to the different sections. And that sometimes you need to get into action quickly, maybe because you’ve got a proposal to put together right now.

That’s why the resource pack can also be used as a standalone way of setting your prices. You will, however, want to go to the section of the book called “what you can do to get your pricing right” once you’ve decided on your target price. That section has all the advice on how to change up your business to persuade people to buy from you at your new price.

Get started with the resources right now...

Here’s how to get started with the powerful spreadsheets and resources to set your prices right now. You can download them to your own computer to use, and even do multiple versions to test out different levels of target and pricing.