Welcome to Sprint

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Lovely to see you here, you’re in good company. 

It would be good to get to know you a bit more so I can make sure that I can be helpful during your Sprint and to make sure you get the most out of it. 





Before we start…

You don’t have to do anything to get ready for your Sprint. If you were Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer, you’d spend the days before an event tailing off your training and having a rest. But if you’re keen to get started right now you could:

  • Have a look at this video about Cal Newport’s Deep Workbook. Even if you’ve read the book before, this is a useful recap. We’ll be drawing on Cal’s ideas within Sprint.


  • If you’re using Sprint to get a stalled project back on track, it might be useful now to get all the notes, materials, half-finished pieces of writing together in a folder so you don’t spend the first part of your Sprint getting frustrated cos you can’t find them. I say this from experience, believe me. 


  • Some people (including Michael Phelps) find visualisation very useful. But don’t visualise the end result or the new clients/money that will come to you from finishing your project. It turns out that visualising an end result doesn’t do as much good as visualising the process. If your Sprint was the 400m butterfly, you’d visualise how your hands go through the water. Try to see in your mind a picture of you working on your project, any tools you’d have on your computer or your desk. Or a particular time of the day when you’ll be doing your Sprint activities.

What happens next?

I’ll send you an invitation to our online kick-off workshop, and an invitation to a special Slack group, so watch out for these coming through separately. In the workshop, I’ll go over how we’ll be helping one another, the Sprint methodology and your next steps. Do say hi to everyone in the Slack group and introduce yourself, your company and say a little about your Sprint. 

And if you could answer these few questions, that would be really helpful for me while I’m getting everything set up.

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