Strategy sessions with Julia

Want some thoughts on your product ecosystem? Need to decide on the best product to proceed with? Want to talk through some marketing ideas for your product-based business?

Let’s sit down for a couple of hours and get into it.

How a strategy session can help

Get immediate feedback on your product ideas

Develop a prioritised action plan

Can't wait for the next Productise Your Expertise programme and want to get ahead of the game with some one to one advice

Tap into expertise and leapfrog that learning curve

What does a strategy session cost?

£396+ VAT for 2 hours with Julia

How does a strategy session work?

We’ll spend two hours together on Zoom. We’ll get into your current challenges and develop an action plan.

You set the agenda. The aim is for you to be very clear about your next steps by talking it through in depth.

How to get the most out of a strategy session

Send me information in advance

We'll move faster if this is more than a chat. I encourage you to send me a "braindump" of what's going on before the meeting so I can get up to speed before we meet.

Pick one particular challenge

You might want to talk about pivoting to a product-based business, or you might want help with working out your product ecosystem. Or, your challenge is about marketing the products you have already. It's up to you. You'll get more out of the session if we focus on one particular challenge for us to talk through.

Get an action plan

We'll work together on an action plan. Often people use the strategy sessions to get clarity on a particular decision they need to make, an area they want to get expert input into before moving ahead.

What Jon and Roy said

Jon and Roy from Spike Insight talk about how working with Julia Chanteray was for them.

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What my clients say
"Julia’s helped me no end as I’ve shifted from ‘being a freelancer’ to shaping and running a business and developing products. Most of all though, she’s used exactly the right mix of carrot and stick to make sure I turn my ideas into action! Our catch-ups are now part of the ‘heartbeat’ of my business. Invaluable."
Nick Parker - That explains things
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