Product Format Guidebook

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The definitive guide to the different types and formats of products, with practical advice on what will work for you (and what to avoid).

When you’re thinking about adding in some products or pivoting your whole business from services to products, it’s easy to get lost in all the different types of products you could make. Or jump to the more obvious ones, such as ebooks and online courses.

And without a trusted guide to show you what’s the right product for you, you can make mistakes. I know because I made many mistakes when I built my first products back in 2014. Because I made the wrong decisions, I wasted hundreds of hours and lost out on tens of thousands of pounds. I wish I’d had the Product Format Guidebook back then.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of founders work through what kind of products would be best for them. And I’ve distilled that knowledge into the Product Format Guidebook, so you don’t have to wander the wilderness like I was in 2014.

Here’s the Product Format Guidebook for you

I’m a bit obsessed with reverse-engineering products other successful business owners have built. I’ve even bought products from companies to see how they’ve put them together. With my adventures (good and bad) in products and being on that journey with so many clients, you’ll see why I know what works and what doesn’t.

The Product Format Guidebook gives you a multitude of different ideas for different product types and formats. And it guides you through these ideas, pointing out which ones are good for certain people, the product formats that are fast to get going, and the ones that you should avoid, at least when you’re first starting.

And, of course, it coaches you on which kinds of products customers are willing to pay higher prices for.

Incredibly useful

Plain speaking, no-nonsense guide

Creative twists on existing formats

Suggested price ranges for products

Real-world examples

Products ideas you might never stumble upon

What you get

13 pages crammed with inspirational ideas

Regular updates of ideas and examples

One time fee, including forever updates

High-end products you can charge thousands for

Easy tripwire ideas to get you started

A quick note on who should buy the Product Format Guidebook.

Do buy if you want ideas for products. Do not buy if you are enrolling in one of the programmes.

If you’re just about to enrol in the Pivot to Products or Productise Your Expertise programmes, don’t buy it as it’s included there and I’d have to give you your money back.

Get inspired. And then get clear on your next steps

The Product Format Guidebook is a comprehensive guide you’ll come back to time and time again. You’ll want to share it with your colleagues and friends. It will give you fresh inspiration and enthusiasm, maybe along with the knowledge that you now probably need to ditch some of the previous thoughts you’d had about what kind of products to make.

You’ll end up with a shortlist of possible products because the Guidebook spells out which ones won’t work for you. And you’ll be clear which of these you can get started on now and which ones you need to keep bubbling away in the background.

You’ll love the potential increase in Customer Lifetime Value. I’ve used the Product Format Guidebook with clients and members of my programmes. It inspires people to create a product ecosystem made up of the ideas in the Guidebook. Often, people end up with much higher value products than the ones they had in their heads when they started.

Full, forever guarantee

When you buy the Product Format Guidebook I want you to be inspired and excited by the possibilities of the different types of products.

If you read it and it’s not right for you, or you think it’s the same old rubbish you get in those articles when you google “product ideas” tell me and I’ll send you a refund.