Priority Product Decision Maker

£35 inc VAT

When you’ve got a bunch of ideas for different products, the Priority Product Decision Maker works out which products you should focus on first. And which ideas you should put in the bin.

Using clear business logic, the Priority Product Decision Maker maximises your return on investment and your return on effort.

It’s an essential tool I use all the time.

I know what it’s like. You spend ages falling in love with one idea after another. They all sound great. They all sound like hard work.

This is when you can get stuck before you’ve even started. People can spend months in limbo thinking about all of this.

By taking out all of the emotional attachment to your product ideas and only considering which ideas have the best business case behind them, the Priority Product Decision Maker helps you to move forward and get moving.

I’ve worked with dozens of clients to make these kinds of decisions with them. And then I developed this tool as a shortcut through the whole process.

How the Priority Product Decision Maker works

It’s a simple spreadsheet with some clever logic behind it.

Most of us have a list of potential products we could make. But we get stuck, trying to decide which ones to work on first. By identifying which ones will make the most money for us, and then cross-referencing this with which ones are the least hassle to produce, the Priority Product Decision Maker gives us a clear plan of action.

And then we can confidently move forward.

What's included

Excel worksheet version

Google Sheets version

Simple to use

Put in your numbers

Automatically calculates and grades your ideas

What you end up with

A clear path to follow

Identifies low return product ideas

Highlights your best ideas

Eureka moment for you

Watch the demo

Here’s how it works in practice, see the video for a run-through of how I use the Priority Product Decision Maker and how the business logic works. Watch out for the clever bit.

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Full, forever yours guarantee

The Priority Product Decision Maker is designed to be easy to use, and help you to make a clear decision about which of your ideas to move forward with.

If it doesn’t work for you, just let me know what happened and I’ll refund your money. No problem.

Julia Chanteray