Best YouTube productising videos

I’ve been regularly publishing lots of productising videos on YouTube. Check out the Adventures in Product YouTube channel 

I’ve included the best videos (in my humble opinion) here to make sure you don’t miss out on these great videos.

Why I love helping people like you build a product based business

Let me explain why I specialise in helping people build product-based businesses and why productising is my favourite strategy for scaling your business.

Watch out for the bit about how this comes from working with hundreds of different companies and noticing that the ones that scale up quickly, without needing massive investment, are all product-based businesses.



My secret recipes for creating easy digital products that sell

This is my best performing YouTube video about productising so far.

Top tip – start with easy digital products. Why waste your time on complicated courses or writing a book when you start your product ecosystem with easy digital products? That gets you going on your productising journey and generates some quick cash to give you encouragement and momentum. The trick is to draw on the parts of your expertise that you’ve already got out of your head and into a format.

You’ve probably got some of these products half made already, but you don’t think of them as products yet.  You’ll come away with ideas for products you can get going with straight away.

Before making an online course – watch this for some easier, faster, and cheaper ways to do this

Many people start to make online courses and they have great intentions.  I’ve spoken to so many people who have started that journey, and they haven’t been able to maintain their momentum.

Or they do finish it, but no one buys it because they put all their attention into making the course and forgot to build an audience that might buy it.  Which leads to heartbreak, disappointment and disillusionment with the whole business of making products.

And that makes me sad because I want people to create beautiful, successful product-based businesses and get out of the trap of selling time for money.

In this video, I’ll share what I’ve found to be the faster, cheaper and easier ways to get going with this, especially if this is your first product.

Product success stories - key takeaways and inspiration from real people

The proof’s in the (product) pudding – join me on a whirlwind tour to meet the people already smashing the product-based business approach. What do The Talented Ladies Club, Brighton’s Comic Boom and Nick Parker, one of the world’s top copywriters, all have in common?

As I explain in this video, they are all shining examples of how a successful product-based business works in the real world. In this video, I look at how they’ve turned their individual ‘magic’– their unique skills and expertise – into a winning product-based success story. And what we can learn from Hannah, Jill and Nick, especially why customers are equally happy to buy into them.

Why digital products fail. Avoid these common mistakes (including the Vulcan mind meld)

Why do digital products fail?  I’ve learned much about how and why people fail with digital products.  And I don’t want you to fail.

Watch this video for the top mistake people with specialist subject expertise make when they create products – trying to do a Vulcan mind meld and download everything they know about their subject into their clients. Warning – doing this can fry your customer’s brains, so they never buy anything ever again.

Is writing a book worth it? Why you should never make a book your first product

Is writing a book worth it? Most of us get a strong compulsion at some stage to write a book. And it’s often one of the first ideas we have when we’re thinking about making products. People even tell you – “you should write a book on this”.

But stop! Please don’t write a book as your first product. This video explains why this is a bad idea in practice. I should know, I made this very mistake back in 2014. But instead, I’ll suggest some other ways you can get your knowledge out of your brain and into a product. Ways which give you a much higher return on effort and are much more likely to make you some extra money.

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