Get your Mission Guide to Productised Services

Ready to get going with productising your services? I’ve created a Mission Guide to Productised Services, a 15-page step by step guide to the process you need to go through. Plus, regular emails with ideas tips and support.
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What’s in the Mission Guide to Productised Services?

This is a comprehensive guide to getting started with productised services. It’s a productised version of the kind of conversation I have with people all the time about how they can make productised services work specifically in their business.

It’s very practical, setting out what you’re going to include in your productised service offering. And what you need to exclude. It gives you the questions you need to ask yourself to get a clear focus on the way forward.

And it’s packed full of ideas for how you can reduce all the fluff and frills (or transaction costs as the MBA people call them). Plus great tips for automating and standardising how you operate so that you can be hyper efficient and therefore take on more clients.

Plus it suggests the kind of resources you might make in advance to fully productise.

Download the Mission Guide to Productised Services and let me know what you’ve put into action as a result.

What else do I get?

I’m a complete evangelist about productising, so I’ll send you emails about once a week with more ideas and lots of inspiring success stories about other people who have built successful product-based businesses. If they’re not for you, you can always unsubscribe, no problem.

And the Mission Guide goes perfectly with this deep knowledge article, the Simple Truth about Productised Services. 

Just in case you were wondering...

Why do I have to sign up to get your mission guide

The Mission Guide to Productised Services has tons of useful ideas and resources. But they’re just ideas. You need to be able to put them into action.

For some people, this is enough to get them started. But some people want more help and support, and I know that being part of the Productise Your Expertise programme gets people into productising faster and with a higher rate of success than doing it on your own. I’ll send you more information when the next Productise Your Expertise programme is ready for lift off and you can make up your mind then if you want to join us.

And you might be thinking about productised services right now, but I find that once you start getting into productising you start thinking about stand alone products as well. So I want to be able to tell you about the Pivot to Products course as well, in case that’s helpful.

What happens if I don't like the extra emails?

No problem, you can unsubscribe at any point. Just click on the link in the bottom of every email. In fact, if you don’t like them, I want you to unsubscribe.

What's with the drawings? And did you do these yourself?

Yes, I did all these badly drawn pictures. One of my little adventures in products has been learning to use drawing software to get my ideas across in a different way. It’s been a learning curve of a different sort for sure, as drawing is not my natural talent.

Making the Mission Guide to Productised Services has been another little adventure, learning how to make pdfs from scratch without outsourcing to a designer.