Pivot to Products

Module 4
The five foundations of successful product businesses

Welcome to Pivot to Products


I’m very glad you’re here, and I’m looking forward to finding out how you get on and how Pivoto to Products will help you.

What you can look forward to

You can go through Pivot to Products at your own pace, and it’s been designed to fit around the busy life of business owners like us.

We’ll be designing your roadmap to explore the idea of productising what you do. Pivot to Products gives you lots of inspiration from people who have done this already and have created successful product-based businesses. And we look at some of the pitfalls and mis-steps to avoid. Many of these are based on my own experiences. In fact, Pivot to Products, and the six month group programme Productise Your Expertise are the resources I wish I’d had back in 2014 when I first started creating products.

The course is divided into modules, taking you through:

  • Why you would want to pivot to a product-based business
  • How this changes your life and the way you work
  • The different opportunities in product-based businesses

Then we get into:

  • The different sorts of products you can make
  • Alternative ways to approach productising – different strokes for different folks

We look at the five foundations of a successful product business:

  • Your magic
  • Platforms
  • Solving customers’ problems
  • Attractors and list building
  • Product ecosystem

By the time we’ve covered all of this, you’ll have enough to get started and we round up with a checklist of everything you need.