A friendly, facilitated group of talented business owners joining together to work on our systems for building our audiences and selling more products.

Lift-Off! is the key to success in scaling your product-based business. We will get you to the point where you can stop doing bespoke work for clients.

Let’s talk about who this is for…

Lift-Off! is for established business owners who already have one or more products on sale. You’ve achieved your first sales, and you’re ambitious to get to the next stage. You’re ready to sell at scale and ready to see many more people buying the products you’ve created.

And you’re ready to make a whole lot more money and reclaim freedom over your diary, so you can work wherever, whenever and however you like.

Whether you:

  • Finished your product last month and realised that you haven’t yet attracted a big enough audience to achieve the sales you hoped for
  • Have a new brand and product ecosystem you’re just about to launch
  • Already have several products on sale, but want to see them go higher

You’re in the right place

Lift-Off! will give you the tools, techniques and tactics you need to get to the next stage. And at the same time, you’ll be surrounded by supportive friends who will hold you accountable for getting into action.

In the first month, you will have:

Identified early wins

Based on the areas where you are already strong

Decided on your 3, 6 and 12 month action plan

And committed to what you need to do

Learnt so much about online marketing techniques

And made an educated choice about your priority channels, messages and customer acquisition tactics

But above all else

When you keep going for a year, you'll be...

Making incremental improvements in the marketing systems you’ve set up

Building profit

Noticing repeat customers

Creating new products at higher profit levels

Know what works for you


But above all else

Lift-Off! Will mean that you are no longer alone, trying out different tactics, wondering when you’ll finally see the sales numbers you want. You’ll be with a group of people all moving forward with confidence – because we know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it.

Lift-Off! Will give you the framework to put in place what your business needs to generate consistent, scalable revenue from your products. And this will give you the confidence to make that lucrative leap from the trap of trading time for money and the fear of feast or famine.

Nick Parker says

Nick Parker has had huge success with his Voicebox product. Here’s what he said about how I helped him change from billable days to a product-based business.

“She had a good understanding of the process needed to make and ship a thing.

First of all, you’re the r&d department, and then you’re the creative department, then you’re the marketing department. Having somebody who understands when you’re wearing which hat at which time, that’s just really valuable.”

You’ve done the hard part, but the sales aren’t quite there yet

You’ve made your beautiful products, pouring your heart and soul plus a whole load of the skills and expertise you’ve developed over the years. And you know they’re great, you’re even getting fabulous customer feedback.


While your attention has been on making the products, and keeping everything else in your business and your life on track, you haven’t yet built enough of an audience to ensure that you can sell at the scale you want. And you’re uncertain/unsure of the next step – how to grow your tribe.

The good news is…

There’s a clear methodology for you to accelerate and get going. You’ve already done the difficult part of creating the products and getting your very first customers.

The rest is just working out the right marketing tactics for you and then developing systems which will build your audience at scale.

How does Lift-Off! compare?

You’ve already researched/read/seen a good few supposed methodolgies for growing an audience. But somehow they just don’t ring true for you. It doesn’t feel like this is right for your products and your audience.

And that’s because, frankly, these one size fits all ways of building funnels and growing lists are out of date in 2023. And because they never did work for everyone. Don’t get me started, but here’s a little video of why these “experts” with their “secrets” are a scam.

What you need is someone who has been around the block, seen dozens and dozens of different combinations of tactics who can help you to pick out the best way forward for you, what you want to achieve and what’s going to work with your particular set of ideal customers.

Once you’ve got that, all you need is some help in getting that into a rinse and repeat system. Surround yourself with other people on the same journey who get what you’re trying to achieve and can speak the same language as you, and you’re off to the stars.

Introducing Lift-Off! in detail

Lift-Off! is the first comprehensive group programme focused on supporting product creators in taking step after step after step towards demonic sales.

What exactly do we get in Lift-Off!


  • Regular accountability meet ups
  • Workshops and learning sessions about marketing and sales techniques
  • Plan your ideal future and commit to the actions you need to make it happen
  • KPI measurement systems (rephrase)

What Hannah learned...

Hannah Martin talks about the number one marketing tactic (and mindset) she learnt from working with Julia Chanteray, founder of Adventures in Product and coach at Lift-Off!

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Small print – 

  • Full refund within the first 60 days.
  • After 60 days, I’ll refund any unused time on the annual plan

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