Pivot to Products

Module 4
The five foundations of successful product businesses

Who do you serve?

 It’s all very well thinking about the products you can make, but we also need to be super clear who you want to serve. We’ll start by working out your ideal client, your customer avatar, from your existing clients but remember that your product-based business might not be for them at all, so make sure you watch both videos here.

This first video is an exercise in finding your customer avatar. Even if you’ve worked on your idea customer or customer avatar before, once you’ve watched both videos you’ll want to go through this exercise again, as your current customers might not be exactly who you want to focus on for your product based business.

The second video encourages you to focus your avatar, and maybe ditch some of the clients you’ve previously been serving. This might be because you don’t want to work with these people anymore, you want to be more focussed or because their needs cannot be met by the products you’re planning.

Top tip

Be super focussed on the niche clients you want to serve with your products. Once you have this group of people in your head and you know what makes them tick, your work in pivoting to products becomes so much easier. You can be clearer about the outcomes for people using your products, choosing product formats, and the words to use on your sales page. Because you’re creating all of this for them. Not for yourself.


Here are some questions to help you work out exactly who you want to serve, what problem you’re helping them to solve and how your products will be their guide.

Downloadable worksheet – who do you want to serve?

Download the worksheet